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Caravan Battery Charger

The battery charger is an essential element to gain freedom and autonomy on your trips in a camper and caravan. It allows you to recharge your batteries from a generator set and supply power to a house.

As we well know, the auxiliary battery is one that works independently and autonomously from the battery that our caravan has integrated. Its function is to provide the energy we require for all our electronic devices and appliances that require it. So far, so great, but what happens when the battery runs out? You need a battery charger for caravans because of the advantages it offers:

  • You are never left stranded. Whether it's a vacation in the middle of the woods, a blizzard ride, or even a normal trip, no one wants to be stranded due to battery problems. The caravan battery charger prevents your trip from being ruined because you will always have the battery ready.
  • You save a trip to the workshop. In addition to how annoying it is to ruin your trip, break, getaway or vacation because of the battery, you avoid having to spend a large amount going to the caravan workshop. On the other hand, with your motorhome battery charger, you can go anywhere
  • Autonomy. You no longer have to depend on other sources, because you have your compatible battery charger for caravans, which gives you total freedom and confidence on your journeys.
  • It works for everything. Having the possibility of being able to recharge from your mobile phone and video game console, to supplying energy for your entire caravan, which is like your second home, is priceless. This is how you really enjoy going camping with all the comforts of modern life!

As we have mentioned, being able to have the autonomy offered by having electric energy coming from our caravan's battery all the time is indisputable. Auxiliary batteries are characterized by having a voltage of 24 volts or 12 volts in series. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the auxiliary battery must have, with respect to the main battery, a margin of no more than 20 % between both (for example, the main battery of 100 Ah/H, and the auxiliary of no more than 120 Ah/H or less than 80 Ah/H). That term refers to amperes per hour.

Also consider what type of electronic devices or electrical appliances are in your caravan and how long you usually leave them running. Also check the numbering on the battery and the information on its label. Of course, in case you have doubts about this, at EMMITS we answer all your questions and give you the best advice to choose the battery charger for your caravan, with total reliability.

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