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4T Gasoline Generator E950I


4T Gasoline Generator E2200I


4T Gasoline Generator E2200IE USB + Parallel


Gasoline Generators

Generator with remote control, silent, with frequency modulation before its output to avoid changes in frequency and losing generator efficiency. We have a wide variety of charging power and the possibility of several plugs.

A gasoline generator for motorhomes is a device that is intended to generate or offer electricity at 220 V. Regarding its operation, it consists of the generator turning an internal combustion engine using gasoline. This, in turn, makes the alternator shaft rotate and thus generates electrical energy.

This way, you will be able to have electricity while camping in a remote place, for example, which guarantees your energy autonomy. What it does is recharge your batteries while it is on by connecting it to the aforementioned charger. So as long as you stay in one place and have a sufficient gas tank, you will have energy.

Until some time ago, those who went camping did so in much more rustic conditions, with the plan to get away from everything, literally. However, it never hurts to have some comforts of modern life - or the most possible ones -, not only for comfort, but to avoid inconveniences and emergencies. That is why having a generator that offers you the confidence to get away from everything, but without having to do without your electrical devices, is essential.

This way you will always have electricity at all times for your devices (electrical and electronic) such as the television, light bulbs, cell phone, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning, hair dryer, among others. In addition, there are models that will protect them because they have a power stabilization system. And, contrary to what you might think, a current gasoline generator is silent and will keep you free of annoying noises during the day and rested at night.

Don't be left stranded when you need it most!

Going camping without having a gasoline generator to always have the electric stove ready, even with an electric inflator, the mobile phone!, is something unthinkable these days. Therefore, it is essential to have one yes or yes. Of course, you need to know what type of portable generator is right for your caravan. It is necessary that you know how many watts you need depending on the devices to be connected, but also that you choose a generator with the appropriate capacity so as not to be left stranded.