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In this section you will find refrigerators for vans, caravans and motorhomes. We have refrigerators with wheels and different storage capacities. With handle and autonomy thanks to its battery. Buy our refrigerators to make your trips unique and comfortable.

If you are still thinking about whether or not to have a refrigerator in your caravan, you should know that it is extremely convenient for you. Proof of this are the following advantages of refrigerators in motorhomes:

  • Cold drinks 24/7: Enjoying a cold and refreshing drink at all times, without having to take a break on your trip or if you are in the middle of nowhere, is priceless.
  • Storage of delicate material: If you are in the middle of nature and, for example, you are taking medication that needs to be stored at low temperatures, you need a refrigerator in your caravan.
  • Cold meats and other foods: From milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products, to chorizo, meats and other types of foods, they are preserved much better at low temperatures, just as it would be the case with fruits and vegetables. Even when it comes to canned foods, if you did not consume them in their entirety, you will need a refrigerator in your caravan to keep them in optimal conditions and prevent harmful bacteria from forming due to being at room temperature.
  • It has its own battery (depending on the model): You probably have an auxiliary battery and its corresponding battery charger, so you know that you will always have power for your refrigerator. But in the case of caravan refrigerators there will be no problem because it also has its own battery, so it is autonomous (depending on the model it can be up to 2 hours) and consumes little.
  • It has good capacity: A refrigerator is not just anything, since there are some of about 30 or 40 liters on average, which allow you to store a lot of things without having to sacrifice anything on your trips. Travel with peace of mind knowing that your refrigerator carries everything and takes up little space!
  • It is portable.: Having a caravan refrigerator with a handle to transport it or with wheels makes it easy to move it to different places without having to carry it, it is super practical!
  • Intelligent system: A refrigerator with an inverter compressor and Bluetooth connectivity through an app from your mobile phone is something extremely cool that you should have right now.

The consumption of caravan refrigerators is really low, just 45 W. The adapter for your vehicle is 220 V and that is all you will need.

Refrigerator with 12 V compressor

One of the best adventures you can have is in your caravan, and for this it must be equipped with a refrigerator with a 12 V compressor. Whether you travel to the beach, the mountains, or any destination, you will want to refresh yourself with a drink and also Make sure your food is in excellent condition. Of course, space in your caravan is at a premium, so it's best to look for options that fit, such as a 12V portable fridge.

A refrigerator with a 12 V compressor with wheels and a handle is ideal because you can take it everywhere and not limit it to being inside your caravan. It must also be low consumption (45 W) and light in weight. The new models like the ones we have at EMMITS also have connectivity through an app for iPhone and Android.

As for the capacity of the refrigerator with a 12 V compressor, it can be 30 L or 40 L, with a handle that makes it easy to move. And when it comes to a refrigerator with a 12 V compressor, it is like having a domestic refrigerator, but portable. Its inverter technology makes it an excellent choice thanks to its low consumption.

Refrigerators with a 12 V compressor mean that their internal operation is at this voltage, while allowing a connection to 220 V. And although they depend on electrical energy to operate, they really consume very little. You just connect and that's it: you will always have your refrigerator with a 12 V compressor ready and working, with the perfect size for your drinks or food. And totally within your reach when you buy your portable refrigerator at EMMITS.

Portable Motorhome Refrigerator

Absolutely, you can use the motorhome refrigerator away from your caravan without any problem. Motorhome fridges are designed to be portable and can be transported and used in a variety of situations, whether on a camping trip, a day trip or even in your own home if you wish.

With a 12V battery and capacities of 30 or 40 liters, these refrigerators are compact enough to take with you wherever you go. Their ability to operate on a 12V battery makes them ideal for use in places where you do not have access to electricity, such as campsites, beaches or picnics in the park.

However, it is important to note that battery life may be limited, especially if you are using the motorhome refrigerator in an environment without the possibility of recharging it. Typically, a fully charged battery can last several hours, but this can vary depending on factors such as room temperature and how often the refrigerator is opened.

In case the battery runs out, you always have the option to recharge it by connecting it to the caravan or an external power source. This allows you to extend the running time of the refrigerator and ensure that your food and drinks stay fresher for longer.

In short, yes, you can use the motorhome fridge away from your caravan thanks to its portable design and its ability to run on a 12V battery. It is a convenient and versatile option to keep your food and drinks fresh wherever you go.

Always keep your drinks and food fresh and in perfect condition!

Going out to the beach or any warm destination during the summer is one of the best plans to make for anyone who has a caravan. The EMMITS 30 or 40 L refrigerators with autonomous battery, wheels, handle, LG compressor and app will always keep your drinks ready. Enjoy a really cold drink no matter where you are thanks to your caravan fridge!