Solar panel for camper

Among the great pleasures that caravanning offers is the opportunity to visit remote places and “get lost” in them. Of course, it is important to have everything covered to avoid inconveniences, such as a lack of power, spoiling the trip. For this, solar panels for vans become great allies to enjoy the comfort to which we are accustomed. Even in the middle of nowhere or a majestic place where we will stay for days.

It is then necessary to know well what type of solar panels for caravans currently exist, and which ones will be most useful to us. This according to our budget, needs and of course, the characteristics they have. Let's remember that in addition to the main battery of the caravan, there is a second battery for other uses (lighting, heating, etc.) that is recharged with a relay while the engine is running. If we are stationary this does not happen, so it is necessary to have solar panels for caravans, which can be monocrystalline, polycrystalline or flexible monocrystalline.

Monocrystalline solar panel

These are solar panels for vans based on silicon, which are made up of cells that have the quality of being rigid or flexible (as we will see in the next point). A monocrystalline solar panel is made up of laminated cells that have a single block of silicon. Polycrystalline ones, on the other hand, come from a mold where molten silicon is added.

One of the advantages of monocrystalline solar panels for campers is that they have good performance and also resist reasonably well to temperature variations. On the other hand, they do not have impurities, which does occur in the process of creating polycrystalline panels.

Flexible monocrystalline solar panel

Now, there are not only rigid monocrystalline panels, but also flexible monocrystalline panels for caravans. They are lighter and more compact, but with the disadvantage of their fragility, because they lack a glass layer that protects the cells. Its efficiency, on the other hand, is lower, because as the temperature increases and there is no separation, there is no cooling.

Now, with respect to which solar panels for vans are best, we must consider the price, for example. In this sense, polycrystalline panels have a higher price. Regarding its configuration, it should be noted that monocrystalline panels perform well on cloudy days, and polycrystalline panels perform well when it is sunny. If you have a small, even medium-sized van, a solar panel may not be so imperative. But if your energy needs are many (large families, several devices, hot water shower, several days, etc.) opt for a 100 W solar panel.

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