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Tv Emmits 18.5” HD 12v/220v


Emmits 18.5” SMART HD TV 12v/220v


Tv Emmits 21.5” FHD 12v/220v


Emmits 21.5” FHD SMART TV 12v/220v


Tv Emmits 23.8” FHD 12v/220v


Tv Emmits 23.8” FHD SMART 12v/220v


Remote control


Multiposition TV support


Televisions and caravan accessories

Have your motorhome or camper well equipped with adequate television equipment and accessories that facilitate its use. It will be essential to enjoy those moments of family leisure in your recreational vehicle.

Going camping is the best: long walks, exploring natural areas, contemplating landscapes that take your breath away... But there are also times when what you want most is to lie down and watch the television, for example, when it rains. In those cases, a TV for caravans is the best option to watch a movie, enjoy a marathon of a series or for whatever. These are the recommendations to follow when choosing the TV for your caravan:

  • Low consumption: More than a huge television, when it comes to caravanning, it is best to find a TV that consumes little because you precisely have to take care of the energy in your vehicle (yes, even if you have good backup). This is why you should opt for a 12V TV, which is a reasonable and quite affordable range for your caravan's auxiliary battery. There are very good options to choose from, such as HD, SMART HD, or 12V/220V FHD televisions that adapt to this concept.
  • Appropriate size: Again, the size of the television is also important when it comes to caravans. Size is something very precious in your house on wheels, but you also don't want to resign yourself to watching your favorite series on your mobile screen. And if you have little ones, it will be good to entertain them with a screen of a suitable size. For caravans there are several very good size options, 18.5 inches, which is the conventional one, or 21.5 inches, a little larger and which will be very good for the space where you put it. Do you want something bigger? You can afford a size of 23.8 inches, nothing to sneeze at.
  • Suitable support: Don't overlook the multi-position TV stand, which will give you a wide range of options to rotate or arrange it as you or your companions prefer. Rotate, fold, zoom in, zoom out, it's simple but cool!

Yes, it is true that for some the purest caravanning consists of disconnecting from everything and traveling freely and without technological ties to the endless experiences offered by our environment and that of other places. However, it never hurts to have a little extra entertainment, especially after a hard day, a long walk or extreme sport, driving for many hours or simply for the little ones to relax.

The best televisions for your caravan!

A caravan television is a great device that can connect to the Internet today and is also extremely useful, especially due to the size of its screen. At EMMITS we have the ideal television for your tastes and needs.